TapouT, surely you have heard of them by now. You cannot walk through any crowded place right now without seeing someone wearing a TapouT shirt or other TapouT apparel. Well the same brand associated with MMA is now breaking into the energy drink world. Right now they have 3 flavors out with another one in the works. Let’s see how TapouT does in the energy drink realm.

The Look: As I mentioned earlier there are 3 flavors of TapouT currently available. All the can designs are the same except the color differs slightly depending on the flavor. The first thing I noticed was the TapouT brand name in the middle of the can in a really nice black and white font. The logo looks great and I love the way they put the word energy inside the last T in TapouT. The black background on the top of the can as well as the background on the bottom half of the can (color varies) has worlds such as: Focus, Arrogant, Believe, etc in a very light font that blends well with the can. Around the top of the can you will see the flavor in both French and English with a white border around it. Flipping it around there is a passage about the can as well as an ingredient list (once again in both French and English). The can has a very nice and aggressive look to it and they even managed to include the caffeine content.